Homestead Cities

Launching in 2024!

The first cities theme is Phoenician (Greek/Hellenistic/Carthaginian)

Under active development! Please excuse our mess :) We build in the open!

Innovative Building Solutions: Affordable and Resilient

Cost-effective Construction:

Versatile Block Designs:

Resilience Against Natural Disasters:

Join us in revolutionizing construction with our innovative building solutions!

Your Creations, Your Marketplace

Empower Your Passion:

Supporting Our Community:

Community Connections:

Join us in nurturing creativity and community at the Marketplace!

Community Herds: A Shared Responsibility

Strength in Numbers:

Support for Solo-Homesteaders:

Join the community herds and experience the peace of mind and support you can have!

Self-Sustaining Communities: Empowering Independence

Calorie Independence:

Encouraging Scale and Industry:

Join us in building self-sustaining communities for a brighter, more resilient future!

Crafting New Communities, Embracing Diversity

Unleash Creativity:

Diverse Societies:

Join us in creating and living diverse, vibrant communities!

Guided Leadership, Community Harmony

Exemplary Leadership:

Fair Conflict Resolution:

Join our community, where leadership fosters harmony and fairness prevails in conflict resolution!

Principles for a Thriving Community

Join us in fostering a community founded on these principles of respect, integrity, and mutual support.